Middle East Morales

The greatest political opponents to the regime of Morales found in the Bolivian Eastern, which was in the past the main progenitor of the drug trafficking mafias. Fortunes that are today considered legal, began with the drug during the dictatorships of Banzer and Luis Garcia Meza. As long as the status quo, without repression against the planting and production of coca and cocaine, many locals will support the Government, beyond any ideological stance. Morales thinks that while Pope Chavez who support it politically and militarily, can make of Bolivia what she wants, here, a marginalized law State; fun that will last until the world decides to put an end to their Follies, which can take a long time, since the large eyes are focused on international terrorism, the Middle East and a possible nuclear threat. The FARC are fed by drug trafficking, which has allowed them to remain active for long bloody years. Cuba in the 1980s, served as the launch pad for narcotic drugs to international markets. Today it is the Government of Venezuela who protects the narcos and guerrillas.

For Chavez, Morales and the other followers of the socialism of the 21st century, cocaine is a great source of resources to enrich, strengthen and perpetuate in power: one and only true common goal among democratic dictators. Money is power and is a more solid than the political power. Political power is ephemeral, economic power can last much longer. When wealth comes from natural resources or the drug and not human ingenuity or creativity, it is a dangerous weapon. Without the money from oil, gas, heroin or cocaine, none of the provocateurs of the chaos would be nothing. Arab leaders would continue dragging the camel, and Chavez and Morales would do the same with the donkey and the ox-cart.

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