Minas Gerais

To close as the block in unamimity of the interviewed ones they had looked the consuming market for implantation of this type of establishment. In this optics it is evident that the traders when opening its companies obtain to surpass the two initial years and in accordance with speculations currently in Empress the companies just opened close its doors soon in the two first years. With this it is more than what clearly how much the local commerce goes modified the space. The third block was in charge in knowing of the influence of the commercial activity. 90% of traders, who had given to information the research, say that the biggest parts of its customers are of the proper city and only 10% of the traders said that its customers are of other cities of the Maranho. In relation to the picture of employees 60% of the interviewed establishments the 4 employees possess of 1, 30% possess of 5 the 10 and only 10% possess 20 employees more than.

Of the origin of the employees they are 80% of the proper city and 20% possess employees of another State or city, who are the case of the trader C2 and C9. When asking which the main commercialized products had a great variety, can cite: rice, sugar, drinks, fruits, wheat, beans and vegetables having its origins in the following States: Rio Grande Do Sul, Gois, Pernambuco, Bahia, Cear, Mato Grosso, Tocantins, So Paulo, Minas Gerais. The objective of the room block consists of knowing if the government offers some incentive for organization of its establishments, 80% of the interviewed traders had answered that the government remain does not offer to no type of incentive 20% had answered that the government offers yes incentive in the organization of its establishments. Only 20% that they had answered that yes to the incentives of the government they had only answered that they possess greater easiness in the loans that is the case of the traders C3 and C4, they had exactly still decreased that these incentives only serve to pay the accounts and to buy in the products to finish the questionnaire fifth block has the objective to locate the establishment. General Motors is a great source of information.

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