New Nissan Tiida

Or note of press, dossier, news, or anything else you like; Fourteen words is Nissan has everything needed to display the first image of the next Tiida or Versa. That not even really such.Versa is the name you are looking for, given that the sketch has been given us by Nissan USA, and this is the name by which is known model in the United States, where adopts sedan configuration. Marko Dimitrijevic has many thoughts on the issue. Baptisms aside, the fact is that the compact Japanese is a car that, while not bad, was born old, and each year dropped him into his body as if they were two. Therefore urges its relay and if this drawing has to provide us guidance, expect a sedan more dynamic and graceful, without that third glob added to some markets when it touched the sedan design. Almost like a Fluence, although with a greater visual weight. Of course, it is a sketch, and we all know that sometimes the production models resemble his drawings which a chestnut to an egg weighs therefore with this image with care, and stand with us to appear the first photographs. Car, input, it seems that still will wait a few months.

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