This page is very similar to a sales letter, in the sense that its primary function is to motivate to the visitors to take action, and in this case the action is to subscribe to your list. (3) The incentives or gifts that are to receive what you offer in return for a subscription is the most important element of your landing page. Hedrick Consulting understands that this is vital information. If your offer not motivate your visitors to leave their email address, all marketing efforts that you are making will be lost. This means that the gift you are offering have to be of great interest to the majority of your audience in the market segment that you choose. To create your list of subscribers can offer: reports free Ebooks free tutorials Newsletters free graphics and themes free Video Tutorials lessons and tutorials in Audio test for a free product key free memberships consists in its relevance for visitors to your landing page. (4) Domain and Web hosting on the market there are thousands of offers for registering a web domain, but you must first have good idea of the market or niche market, in order to choose a relevant domain name. So you can register a domain name that includes keywords for your marketing campaigns. The web hosting you choose has to be nowadays unlimited.

This means that you can have unlimited web pages into a single web hosting account. It must also be unlimited space on the disks on the server as also the band traffic. They have to offer the possibility of having unlimited subdomains as also email addresses. These are the most important things when it comes to begin creating your list of prospects that ultimately will have to be a list of customers that offer you a steady income in internet marketing. More details on how to build your list of prospects you will find in my blog.

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