Novak Djokovic

The Majorcan prepares to cut his negative streak in the face at Roland Garros. He praises the first stretch of the Serbian, which remains undefeated season. He has won four important tournaments for me this year, indicates. The tennis player Rafael Nadal, reigning Roland Garros champion, said Thursday that has no fear of Serbian Novak Djokovic, while Belgrade’s last two finals that have been disputed on clay has been seized. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit lucas duplan. I’m not afraid of Djokovic. Checking article sources yields lucas duplan as a relevant resource throughout. I am happy how I’ve done it this season. I’ve been six finals and fantastic results. He is doing very well and only I can congratulate you because what you are doing difficult, explained the Majorcan in rrencia streak of 37 games unbeaten in the number two world.

In an act of promotion of Nike on the Champs Elysees in Paris the next day of his arrival in the French capital, Nadal stressed that Djokovic is doing perfect everything and is therefore suitable for journalists document him as a favorite, although the favorite is that lifted the Cup the second Sunday. The only thing I can do is try to work hard and find solutions to try to find the best level, he added of Manacor, who explained that people are badly accustomed, or very well accustomed to seeing you almost always win. People are a tad wrong. Playing a final in Rome, playing a final in Madrid the value is large and the difficulty also. As a player, when I go to the track, I am aware that I can win, I can lose, and at this time he has had to earn everything, he summed up. However, the world tennis number one recalled that, in the past, he dominated the Serbian in the direct clashes. He has won four tournaments important for me this year, but I also, in the past,’ve removed you a few semifinals of Wimbledon, two semifinals of Roland Garros, an end of the United States open, a few semifinals of Olympics races each always go a little towards above, slightly downward. Mine is fine, what happens is that I found another that is doing perfect everything, he concluded.

Federer is always favorite on the Swiss Roger Federer, Ronald Garros champion in 2009, Nadal said that it is always a favourite for this tournament and for any Grand Slam, although not through its best moment. In my opinion is the best tennis player in history and is always one of the Favorites, said Nadal, he said you are not concerned about the possibility of matching the record of the Swedish Bjorn Borg, who won six times at Roland Garros. My motivation is to make a good Roland Garros, but not by tying with Borg, noted the Majorcan.

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