Ohio State University

Wedges-related accidents lead to 26 children to the emergency of United States (US) rooms per day and cause more than 110 deaths annually, revealed a new study. The analysis, conducted by researchers from Ohio that examined historical data, will be published in the medical journal Pediatrics. The experts found that you between 1990 and 2008, 181 thousand 654 children younger than 2 years were treated in U.S. emergency rooms for injuries associated with cribs, playpens and Moses, most as a result of falls from cribs, which caused injuries to the head, neck and face. Only a small fraction of the injury during the period of 19 years – only 5.5% – were because the boys were trapped between protective rails of the crib. But these accidents accounted for the largest number of fatalities that could not be linked with another cause, such as sudden infant death syndrome. The vast majority of children received emergency room injuries associated with cribs during the period of study – nearly 94% – were treated and discharged. But about 2 thousand 140 died as a result of the injuries.

Researchers at the National Hospital of children and the Ohio State University indicated that the continuous strengthening and reinforcement of the safety standards of the wedges would protect more children of the damage given that the vast majority of injuries – 83% in total–occurred in Playpens or cribs rather than Moses. However, the authors added that parents can do many things to help protect their children, among them choose those that meet all safety standards and are not old, broken or have been amended. He is also recommended to avoid wedges with draughts and decorative studs at corners, besides which do not respect the separation recommended between railings.

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