Ostara – Fertility Rituals For The Soul

Old customs and their salutary effect on modern people among our Pagan ancestors were fertility rituals popular and in use. You served to keep the connection to nature and to be aware of, what was needed next. It was important that people were aware of the importance of sowing, not in autumn winter then without supply and erntelos to be. It was of fundamental importance, to submit to the growth in nature, because it was lived Yes mostly field crops and natural materials, less by money as a commodity, as is usual just today. It is conducive to pay more attention to our nature for our own inner peace. This is still an effective and affordable means to deal with the ordinary. We moderns have plans and ideas, but we are often cycled.

We should be making the effort, really to bring our sowing on pictorial field the fertility festivals of the Neopaganisten. In August / September is likely us then after the Laws of white magic the harvest to be sure. The Internet presence hexenvonheute.de befast is intensively work in mind, not only to recreate ancient rites, but for modern humans to harness the healing effects of the old traditions again. Stefanie Gandy

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