Productivity Markets

An organization, whatever the activity that realises, if wishes to maintain a level adapted of long term competitiveness, must use sooner or later, procedures of analysis and formal decisions, fitted within the framework of the process of " strategic planning of mercados". Considrese in addition, that the function of markets is a process to systematize and to coordinate all the efforts of the units that integrate the organization directed to maximize the global efficiency. to explain better this efficiency, is suggested to consider the competitiveness yet its reach, repercussions and levels. On this last one we remembered to him, that we are talking about a the levels of competitiveness, the internal competitiveness and the external competitiveness. The internal competitiveness involves the organization capacity to obtain the maximum yield of the resources available, like personnel, capital, materials, ideas, etc. and the processes of transformation. When speaking of the internal competitiveness the idea that the company has to compete against itself, with expression of its continuous effort of overcoming comes is gift of the function of markets here toils of form concatenated to the management of Quality and Productivity in an organization.

On the other hand, the external competitiveness is oriented to the elaboration of the profits of the organization in the context of the market, or the sector to that it belongs. As the reference system or model is other people’s to the company, this one must consider variables exogenous, like the innovation degree, the dynamism of the industry, the economic stability, the opening of new markets, to consider its competitiveness in the long term. The company, once has reached a level of external competitiveness, will have to get ready to maintain its competitiveness future, based on generating new ideas and products and to look for new opportunities of market. Relation markets with quality and productivity However, to include/understand the concept of quality and productivity associated with the management of markets, he is useful to do it Francis Lagardea comments, through denominated concept " paradigmas". .

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