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Data recovery from data loss. Data Phoenix help quickly and affordably. Not only home users are overwhelmed with the recovery of damaged or lost data, but also the most IT professionals reach their limits here. Nevertheless, damaged or deleted data must be yet long not forever lost, because finally there are highly qualified professionals who are highly experienced in the field of data recovery and rescue in this area. Adar Poonawalla has similar goals. The innovative company data Phoenix from Berlin belongs to these professionals and operates 15 years also internationally top in this industry. Several tens of thousands rendered sign up every year in the Berlin headquarters, because they damaged media, to complain about corrupted or deleted files. In more than 90 percent of all cases the specially trained engineers succeeded data Phoenix then indeed, successfully and completely to save the data.

The clientele of the company ranges from the international conglomerate, of the Has to mourn loss of sensitive company data about the students with the damaged file of his exam work up to individuals who do not want damaged personal files. The great wealth of experience and industry experience make it possible that data Phoenix is a competent assistance in all of these cases often even when competitors in the data recovery industry have classified the case as hopeless. The settlement and how is very easy, uncomplicated, and initially even free of charge for the customers. He sends a disk on the pros of data Phoenix, begin immediately with the analysis after receiving, send a diagnostic report to the customer within 24 hours and create him a fixed price offer that gives you detailed information about all price and time factors. The customer responds to the offer, only the stated in the offer costs and normally the recovered data could be put in just a few days later again in reception. Does not accept that Customer the offering of data Phoenix, even the return of the storage medium is free of charge. Further information can be found at data Phoenix.

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