Real Life

We like the good grades, the distinctions and diplomas, but we do not look at what happens in the heart of the child while that assimilates all this new knowledge. By the same author: Gilbert J. Carrara. The process is much more important than the final product. A healthy learning process must have the following ingredients: own motivation, enthusiasm, focus, individualism, be related to the real, productive life and should provide an experience of success beyond a note or consent from you. The child must understand that has been exceeded in a learning area and that you can get it to achieve in any other instance. Provide real life experiences are prepared to do unconventional things with their children. For example, to learn to negotiate, what better place than the local market if you want to discuss about the price of your products? We’ve taken our children to a local fair in which sell their chickens and used clothing. In this context so little elaborated, but real, they have won many valuable experiences. Outside of learn how to get the best price for their products, they learned how to take care of their things, since they stole them a full bag of merchandise into an opportunity.

Bearing in mind his age and watching them closely, there are many opportunities in which you can learn lessons from real life. To insist on accounting is important that their children to learn at the outset that they should know where the the status of their accounts. They have to know if they are winning or losing money with your business. For that you can teach them basic knowledge of accounting. A simple column of income and expenses is enough when they are boys. Remember that you are creating habits, still don’t look for perfection. Encourage them to improve and innovate your business once your child already has a business walk, help you increase.

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