Red Sea

In it I capitulate 14, of Exodus, between as many miracles and prodigies carried through for God in the Old Will, meets the register of one of the biggest miracles promoted for its people? the passage of the Red Sea. Valley to accent that many people contest the veracity of this description-Biblical fact. However, it is placed in relief, an interesting episode on the same: certain time a person inquired a Christian concerning the narrative, with the following argument: – this fact never happened, in view of that the Red Sea, as consists in the historical registers, had the lesser depth that of a meter. The servant Mr., answered immediately: – then, my friend, is plus a reason to dimensionar the size of this miracle operated for God, has seen that all the Egyptians with its horses had died drowned (grifo ours). Former 14.23, 27,28: the Egyptians had followed them, and had entered behind them all the horses of Fara, its cars and its knights, until the way it sea. …; threw down you the Egyptians in the way it sea, because the waters, becoming, had covered the cars and the knights …, nor still one of them was. In this chapter, God announces concerning the destruction and death of the Egyptians.

However, all exists directly a symbology related with the passage of the Red Sea. In this direction, one of them it would be that: to abandon Egypt to direct it the Engaged Land implied in the danger to cross ' ' sea of sangue' ' (mark of sufferings, the resignations and the sacrifices). Thus, this episode also became symbol of the evolution spiritual and of the death, since the Red Sea functioned here as one ' ' porta' ' or ' ' ponte' ' between the life human being and the life spiritual, and that ' ' the man who sacrifices itself exactly, in a certain direction, morre' '.

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