Rene Yarnell

… As time passes, not one month, two, three, he will be successful! I recommend reading the book "The first year in network marketing." Mark and Rene Yarnell. Whom it will help? 1. Those who first year in business "with the MLM company and his hands are sometimes omitted, because it seems to work in a void and we send all go to hell? 2. Those who think to start or to wait, and maybe try it? The book shows how this is serious business. 3. Those who have not the first time in the network, but questions remain.

People who are familiar with the business (other than MLM), remember how many money was invested at an early stage? How much time passed before the date on which you received the first profit? How much power? In MLM the road those who are willing to work who are not afraid of difficulties. Think about it, if it was all rosy, easy, 50 percent of distributors of different companies would already be 'chocolate'. And the statistics that says otherwise, do not argue. There is nothing surprising in this. Everything is logical. What are the thoughts and someone comes in MLM? If human naive and believe everything that is written, it will bite on the offer – 'earn a lot, and doing nothing. " May not be naive, but it is very tempting to get residual income, lying on the stove (the key phrase "lying on the stove"). Attracted a promotional offer, subscribe, decided to participate in the business! Has passed the registration procedure, have bought the product and rather rubs his hands.

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