Resources, both infrastructure and services, the incubators must be administered by experts to provide guidance to new entrepreneurs in the approach to business management of their business idea through a transfer of protocols of management and organization, already tested on numerous companies, and cogerencias dynamic to all entrepreneurs.Thus experts are involved actively in every day from new companies, contributing its experience and its know-how (such as doing things) to new entrepreneurs, by providing them with the start of your business idea. But that is really specific this helps new entrepreneurs? Normally, the services that provide enterprise nurseries include adequate physical space to the features of hosted business in, from offices, through industrial buildings to laboratories. They can be partially equipped or diaphanous depending on each public administration involved in its management. Similarly, there are shared services such as secretariat, reprography, formative classroom spaces equipped for meetings or trade shows, parking, etc.., specifically designed to facilitate a suitable environment to new entrepreneurs in order to make your business grow rapidly. These infrastructures, while necessary, are not the real added value that should exist in business centers but the real and effective accompaniment to various business projects in them hosted.We have to understand, that savings in costs and investment resulting from having a space and attached infrastructure to it, is very down, for example, of personnel costs in a business that is being born.

Wouldn’t it be much better supporting recruitment through measures and incentives do prosecutors?, or facilitate tete funding lines to undertake investment to easy to assume by new entrepreneurs financial costs? This leads us to think of the causes of infant mortality in enterprises and on the most appropriate solutions to tackle them. Continuous advice on merchandising and marketing activity would facilitate the acquisition and consolidation of customers. Information about grant, funding and management of these lines would inject greater liquidity and capitalize on new business projects to more interesting costs. Facilitate the necessary training to developers and workers recycle them and train for different areas of the company in a more efficient manner. It is certainly more interesting than only facilitate a space with an attractive price to become procuresses to find boyfriends who want to invest in innovative ideas.

That is why on many occasions (most desirable), nurseries of company behave, rather, as planters of companies where authorities planted a series of business projects without provide neither the water nor the necessary light so that they grow and develop. Criticism about the cost that assume public administrations to provide these services for customized advice to new entrepreneurs accommodated in the incubators, would to highlight the real cost of construction and maintenance of infrastructure that make up these business centers. Indirect amortization, costs associated to the hiring of expert consultants to guide and support entrepreneurs, through the recruitment of workers and the consolidation of their positions, will always be faster that the build a building and its adjoining infrastructure to accommodate entrepreneurs. Consider also the volume of entrepreneurial projects which can be chosen to occupy a space in an incubator against the number of projects in which the experts can get involved in order to facilitate its launch and consolidation. Without a doubt, the scope of services of accompaniment and cogerencias new companies by the advisers could be a more universal scope than simply providing spaces to some new promoters.

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