Right Advances

Ciro Jose Toaldo This article is fruit of the reflections and studies carried through in the School of Managing when we would have to deliver a task related with the surrounding room that had as thematic ‘ right to educao’. Being about education as right, without shades of doubts we have advances, however if it cannot ignore that still it exists very to be made. The education is a basic element for the accomplishment of the vocation human being, but it is a complex subject that must have greater quarrel for all the society, however, many times, only the involved ones with it finish participating and thinking. We cannot leave to emphasize that we would need to read and to study with bigger depth the good texts presented in this surrounding room. The four texts that we finish to read, demonstrate its importance, had been fruits of debates and meeting of many unresigned world-wide leaderships with situation of the children, the education and the welfare of the human being.

These meeting had finished constructing documents that demand class actions with the envolvement, not only of the consisting governments, but, all society must have a look and action next to the excellent education, learning, child and other principles to the welfare of the human being. The mediocrity is not possible stops with these so important questions; they must be taken with more seriousness, must leave the paper, cannot continue in the mere speech demaggico politician, must inside become daily concrete action of the social one. These texts had made to reflect them, especially next to the pertaining to school community that we are part, need to know that the fight for the right the education is not current. It studies it that we initiate sample that since century XIX has a fight to recognize the education as primordial factor of the dignity and the citizenship of the human being.

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