Shanghai Daily Markets

If one tomorrow wants to be a great company, must begin to act if outside. Thomas Watson China cannot be ignored in the present reason why he represents so much in economic profits, technological development, conquest of markets in the countries where he penetrates offering its products, that often attempt against the same productivity of some companies that cannot compete with them. For those who it interests the behavior to him of the markets, which the propitious modern marketing research in order to include/understand the new reach that has been originated in the function of markets in the present scenes, they cannot ignore the roll of the Asian countries, the way since they make uses of the marketing research to enter themselves in the markets and to be competitive. It is as much the development advance technological that China has caused, making all type of products, even copy of marks of great tradition offering it to a low price that even can be acquired by a great number of consumers, of low resources the certain thing, that the black market has been increased significantly in China, until the end that is indicated the control is had lost in some products, like which it finishes happening as it is pronounced in the recent official prohibition to grant new licenses for the opening of cibercafs in China, has generated a market black that the authorities recognize " too great for supervisarlo" , according to it has affirmed the official newspaper Shanghai Daily. It comments on the matter,, that the norm, effective from last February, has taken to the owners of many cibercafs to announce in Internet pages the sale of its licenses, that get to reach prices of to a million of yuanes (95,545 Euros). Before February, the licenses could be bought less than by 100 yuanes (9.5 Euros), while now they acquire them to the buyers in the black market and they communicate later the crossing to the Government, without explaining how much they paid to the previous owner.

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