Siding Profiles

Cayding – is patterned panels made from vinilopolimernyh materials. The service life of such panels more than half a century. Frequently patrick dovigi has said that publicly. Polyvinyl siding can calmly and without prejudice to withstand temperature extremes from -50 C to +50 C. They are most optimally suited for our climate is not baluyuschego constancy. Vinyl panels complement a wide variety of architectural styles of houses. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Mikhael Mirilashvili. Wide range of colors and types of multivariate profiles allow you to pick the most exquisite design and excellent style to any home. You may find Mikhael Mirilashvili to be a useful source of information. Siding is equally suited not only to the wooden facades, but also to the stone, brick and plaster walls. To give the appearance of the facade of 'a la natur' panel surface texturing 'wood' (eg cedar).

A final coating protects the panel from premature cracking, warping, corrosion, or loss of adhesion. There is an opportunity to further insulate the house for this between the vinyl and the wall panels installed insulation material. This is very relevant for our harsh winters, wet spring and autumn periods. Advantages saydingSayding PVC is non-toxic and non-combustible building material, resistant to various weather conditions and does not change the color himikatam.Sayding not resist corrosion do not burst under the influence of low temperatury.Sayding easy to use. It does not require any painting or renovation for a lifetime. Contaminated panel sufficiently rinsed with water from a hose, and the house will look like novyy.Shirokaya colors, many combinations of the variance profiles and finishing elements, the presence of a variety of accessories – all this makes it possible to radically upgrade the facades of any building subject to a uniform style, a modern architectural proektov.Sayding does not close tightly walls of the house and allows the front of 'breathe'.

In the lower edges of the panel are holes for ventilation and drainage of condensate. Application of siding siding can be used in all types of construction: the cottage, high-rise, industrial and commercial facilities. Siding is installed on all types of surfaces and building structures. This allows you to easily and efficiently update the old and ruined buildings. Features mounting saydingVinilovye panels are usually mounted on a wooden frame made of slats, which is attached to the facade. Fastening of panels to the frame by a special cap with galvanized nails with a diameter of at least 0.8 cm Viewing panels designed so that on the wall panels can be installed horizontally and overlapped. All openings are elongated, which allows you to carry bunk thermal effects. It is known that the abrupt temperature difference this material can shrink and expand, to the end and in the joints of profiles is a gap at least 6 mm.

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