South Korea

The first crystals looked so elegant that they could not be distinguished from the real precious stones. And over time, jewelry has become popular among wealthy people. Ardent example is Coco Chanel. It gave immense popularity in jewelry fashion circles. The combination of large jewelry toppers with business suits, elegant necklace – with her dress, gave a special individuality of its strict toilets.

Costume jewelry has acquired the character and emotion, it becomes more personal. A simple chain today is supplemented with feathers ribbons, wooden beads and textiles. Even the classic string of pearls is quite relevant, if it is put on with some beautiful necklaces. Today, the most famous stars of the world are choosing a bright individual jewelry, which enables all kinds of game styles. Online Shop Oncom fashion jewelry offers a wide selection of products and quality of modern jewelry: earrings, necklaces, brooches, rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, pendants, collections and sets of jewelry. Our core business is wholesale jewelry. Fashion jewelry wholesale – work that we do have a lot of time and know the market well-oriented in its subtleties.

In our store you can find jewelry and jewelry to buy the best jewelry in the Ukraine. In order to choose and buy jewelry, no longer need to travel around the world. Go to a site visit and shop sections select product. Fast, convenient and profitable. The range of our store is constantly updated. This product is divided into several thematic categories, which facilitate customers' choice. For example, a column fashion jewelry oriented to the cheaper segment of the market and is inexpensive goods. Category stylish jewelry is more sophisticated products that are natural, and above the price. We sell wholesale jewelry and if your business is – jewelry sale, we'll find useful. We offer a wide selection of fashion jewelry products from leading manufacturers of Asia – Okba (South Korea), Alimama (South Korea), Shipin (China), Coco (Hong Kong), Windygirl (South Korea), Surrie (Taiwan) and others. For all customers wishing to purchase jewelry wholesale, a flexible system of discounts. Stylish and elegant, charming and refined decoration will amaze you and your clients a variety of colors and patterns.

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