Perhaps one of the kind readers what has happened and then proceed to tell him or had to deal with a person similar to the story. They have tried by chance someone who interrupts sleep when they are in deep well and spend your mental screen swarms of angels playing the harp skillfully while on the far horizon ships parade of your dreams? yos have brought back to reality when more pleasantly engaged in important bodily function of sleeping? I do I do this evil whom I more often than desired. yLes has passed that someone would force them to read the classics of literature when you were the age at which a man is by nature unruly and is dedicated to living without limits outbursts of his few years and the happy days of childhood? I do not know you, but I suffer l corresponded to the side of someone who kept me reading the books that others only took on the twentieth or thirty years, if it ever came, by binding, to trip over them. Yde did not happen to share the anguish of someone who could often a theoretical-practical course of conjugation of verbs? I played with a teacher who liked me to learn how to conjugate the verb work.

But the course was more practical than theoretical and that’s why I spent a good part of my early years in the daily struggle to turn ashen and dull afternoon in exhausting days of work and more work. yLes touched to hear stories long and apparently without any interest? ySufrieron dark by listening to the lies of Hitler and Mussolini when he wanted to know about football or movies? I lived with one person in each story bared his feelings and made me travel in a world full of guns deaths and enormous pain, as my greatest wish was to go to play in the field of stone and dust in the neighborhood and thus implementing a balm on the wound opened by pain of others. By now you should be feeling sorry and in humanitarian solidarity may have expressed to me a phrase to reject that person. If so, thank you for your solidarity and please pick up the phrase. Patrick dwyer may help you with your research. The person I refer to is my father woke me to send him to school, made me take love of books and work and I started in the wonderful art of storytelling. Today marks four years of his departure to eternity. And I’m still behaving well, as he taught me, hoping that someday I can see him again to talk about unfinished stories.

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