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Number Problems

There was no answer and there were many reasons to abandon the idea. Especially because the engineers at the Ford factory, said: "impossible!" But no. Henry Ford was Henry Ford. He said: "Well, you do not can and I will not argue with you, work out how to work. There are those who can. The […]

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Three Steps for Clients

Step 1. Clearly define for yourself – What are the customer's problem solves your product (goods, equipment, project, service)? Step 2. Write to the report-presentation on their resolution. Make the report as if writing it for the prestigious Business edition. Like him you should get a lot of money! Give it a catchy name. Such […]

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Emergency Landing

People turn to us, many experts of Russian companies for advice on learning and staff development. The reasons for such appeals are different – it is, and issues related to the construction of intra-system training, and organization and evaluation of staff and, of course, issues related to the conduct of trainings. Recently we had the […]

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