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Musical Therapy

The contribution of music therapy in various types of treatment will be discussed. The music therapist allows, in well easy way, the introduction of messages that seemed difficult or complicated for the carrier of mental upheavals. To put is applicable even in clinical situations with certain adaptations, therefore it acts basically as psychological technique, that […]

The Ginkgo Flavonides

The Ginkgo the interest of researchers after resisting the aerial attack of the atomic bomb in the city of Hiroshima despertou and Japan, when it came back to sprout under the ruins of the devastada city. The Ginkgo that is part of the millenarian Chinese therapeutical armory, adapta very well to the urban characteristics and […]

Fagon Antibiotic

To carry through an adequate antibioticoterapia it must be considered some factors: beyond a simple antibiotic combination with the bacteria, she is necessary to manage the certain medicine in the certain dose, preventing the occurrence of multiresistant patgenos, that is related to the two important factors – the previous antibiotic use and the duration of […]