Telemarketing Telesales

1) Set the objective that you want to achieve with your call. Do we want to publicize our product? Do we want to know us as a company? Do we want to close an appointment? Do we want to close a sale? ((2) Produce questions or a pattern of conversation that take our interlocutor to take the action that we have defined as objective, whether to grant us the personal interview, which bought us etc. 3) in the case of intermediaries (those for which we have to go to get to who makes the decisions in the Organization, Secretaries, assistants, telephone operators) have care treat them exquisitely since they have the key that will leave us to go ahead or not with our work. Filed under: Marko Dimitrijevic. (4) If you need basic information about the company that we call it is a good idea to get these intermediaries, if when we got to who takes the decision asked basic data quickly lose interest in our conversation (5) Prepare a reason why need to talk to who makes the decision, which is valid for the intermediary against his superior. (6) If you have to leave a voice message, don’t talk about products or services that want to sell but prepare a message that arouse the curiosity, this open us door the next time we call. Important: never think that by leaving a message either on an answering machine or with another person we will call back. (7) Start the conversation with something that is to whom it may concern by calling, not something that we are interested to us and please avoid massively e.g. are calling all businessmen in the area.

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