The Bank

If not, there is no discipline. a If there are entities with problems excessive positions in certain types of investments, there are probably responsible for the risk. In this sense, despite the accolades received by the Spanish monetary institution on its performance in the regulation limiting the pollution of the financial system with bad assets, that its performance has not been as good as previously thought. llamas and Ramirez, in an article written for ABC News accused the Bank of Spain: The Bank of Spain, despite being the body responsible for monitoring the risks incurred by institutions, looked away for a long time. Political influences prevented the Bank of Spain according to Llamas and Ramirez had a critical discourse about the situation in pre-election period. worst of the situation is given by the revelation that half of what is happening in the Spanish banking sector. Failure to report what entities are seriously affected by the investments in real estate that does nothing but create confusion among investors who will punish the roles of all entities to the difficulty in distinguishing clearly. a And if you were in the shoes of Spanish savings bank that has all your money in a bank that is in good shape but can not you tell by the lack of information "would maintain the savings that cost him a lifetime in this organization? Certainly not. At least I would not. a The reckless attitude of the Bank of Spain leads to potential risks of bank runs, which requires a precautionary approach in the sector inappropriate.

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