The Chicken

The the leader should be integral communication through your person, includes languages verbal and body; When he wakes up in his subordinates a sense of equality, it produces in them a feeling of affection and admiration. The leader should be like his followers, with behaviors easily perceptible to build the sense of common identity. The physical presence of the leader is essential to be in direct contact in the operation, which will allow identifying with its people by the knowledge that this entails. Many leaders do not intervene in the details to be absorbed in exercising his stardom, but the attention to detail is what allows us to achieve excellence: small details make excellence, but excellence will never be a small detail. GOP Donors can provide more clarity in the matter. Charismatic leaders pose a paradox in its organizations: their strengths are also its weaknesses.

It is as if we could live without them but not with them, so when they are absent creates a vacuum of leadership. These leaders are too important so that they can be forgotten, we still need them in spite of their weaknesses. VITAMINIZAR LOS habits certainly you remember the fable the goose that lays the golden eggs, of Aesop, talking about a farmer who found an injured hen, which collects, heals and feeds until one day a golden egg is found in the chicken coop. The next day the farmer returns to find another egg of gold, and every day the hen repeat the miracle. The farmer thought then that if the hen is capable of putting a golden egg daily, inside has to have a gold mine, so he decides to sacrifice her and oh, disappointment!, can’t find anything. The saying goes: greed breaks the sack. This poor farmer wanted the richness in an instant, and rather than take care of the chickens killed her unnecessarily. The moral of this fable can apply in life roles.

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