The Experience

Recognizing the relationship between international experience and professional success is vitally important in the workplace. (Similarly see: Micky Pant). Employees with international knowledge are in high demand and many companies seek individuals bilingual and multicultural knowledge and experiences. 5. Is a full time student! While you start to study in Spain for example or in any destination abroad, you will have the opportunity to dedicate yourself 100% to your studies. The experience of studying outside the country and living in the country is learning. Many students studying abroad have although they enjoy what they learn in the classroom, where they learn more what out of them.

They learn a lot from the weekend excursions that include visits to cultural sites and museums. They learn about the conversations that have with people of another culture and perspective. They have to communicate with people and learn of his way of thinking. Most everyday activities as shopping in the market learn the language and culture. 6 You see different perspectives of culture very possible your friendships is through the deepest of your life are friendships you will do during your stay. You will have the opportunity to meet people from many profiles ethnic and different cultures. And, it is likely that some of these people will become friends for life.

Our students who have studied abroad tell us that although they come from different parts of the world, are aware that have enough in common with other students and end up learning through this exchange of ideas. As a student (a) Hispanic (a), you have the opportunity to meet other people of different ethnic groups and other minorities, who are, like you, living away from home. They can support you and offer you friendship while you live in the country of your choice. These friendships, perspectives and adventures are a very important part of the experience of living and studying abroad.

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