The Functionality

This results in a reduction in scope of documentation to be created and maintained. Should different departments yet specific topic types require the DITA concept offers the possibility of specialization. Through the derivation of basic topics, as soon Department-specific object types can be created and used. Guided creation with the Noxum publishing Studio for the creation of supplementary items of operating instructions, like E.g. maintenance plans, error tables, or safety instructions, can select the topic templates corresponding to Editor. To create the objects is a wizard available: this creation wizard will guide the editor in a dialog that offers him a selection list in accordance with the classification levels.

Selecting a classification, the object can appropriate Type from a defined template to be created. This approach ensures a strict qualification of the content modules and also a high degree of reusability. Descriptive schema information to the use of objects and elements are available directly in the XML editor? editor visually available. The corresponding Redaktionsleitfaden to can context sensitive XML? editor are included. The editor via links from the schema information can call relevant passages. Automated processes the XML based DITA provides for different forms of distribution and media processing through automation of assured quality and enables time and cost savings. To do this, typical components of technical writings such as tables of contents – document-wide or chapter – illustration directories, indexes are automatically generated. In different formats such as PDF, Web, Word, or HTML help, the editor is supported by an almost mandatory to layout preview function for the automatic publication.

There are several documents layout to the Available. A publication as PDF can be implemented with the Noxum publishing technology and 100% automated. Noxum engineering projects the project phases to the implementation of the content management system and a DITA?Specialization are accompanied by Noxum with workshops. The goal here is to expose the functionality of the Noxum publishing Studio in an ideal way for the current editorial requirements of the companies. With the XML-based content management system from Noxum and a DITA?Specialization editors can handle the required quantity structure and create the publications in the required quality for all target languages. The results of many years of cooperation with corporate customers, testimonials from Noxum give testimony: de/company/references /.

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