The Global

The reptilian brothers know or have the necessary information on this and many more interesting things that we will be revealing little by little. All religious movements have been formed and created by them. They are large mental programmers. They have large holographic ideas solid and work from codes of collective unconsciousness. They work for the group, never for the individual. We are a kind of farm to study and control. Quiet, is not staff is his own unconsciousness and his own vibrational hologram of fear which allow us to see that way.

Let’s start with the reptilian hierarchy. The greatest taboo that these stellar colleagues have for us is the revelation of extraterrestrial data, or stellar life outside the Earth (and within it). It is more best kept secret his hologram. They do not desire that no human being knows about the existence of extraterrestrial life since that causes us some hypnotic States of activation of cellular memory adenhaica that can lead us to an instant illumination. Unless they themselves are presented and abusing souls very asleep and full of fear.

Now they can do it and know why. Because we REMEMBERED that we are not only highly protected and guided by stellar white brothers, but because we have remembered who we are and what we do here. And it ends with all plans X, and y Z. In the past they did everything possible to keep the idea that there was no more existence that ours, bone, rooted human. They are a little horny, truth be told. Because, who thinks that you can be alone in a universe so immense like this?. But well, they continued taking the position to continue lecturing their human leaders and representatives of their beliefs and systems of universal knowledge to be able to keep everything what they considered theirs, bone, us. Not only handled all the global elites (then you’ll talk about them and their roles), but that they remain universal laws with other beings of the Galaxy, aware that they can intervene only with the absolute and consciousness clean of which requests a little light for this game.

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