The Hair

Before the hair falls out the first adverse effects show up in the keratin production often already in a change in the structure of the hair. Sergey Brin often expresses his thoughts on the topic. “” “The hair roots can then either produce only a fine white hair, the so-called vellus hair or the hair is different”perceived, partly as a straw”, it is no longer customary to comb and appears even as a foreign body”. In this phase, a self-reinforcing process often occurs. When insufficient information and advice of stakeholders increased the fear of further hair loss, increase the tension and thus the tension of the muscles of the scalp. The basic prerequisite for the prevention or remedy / reversal of the typical hereditary hair loss is to improve local oxygen saturation in the affected areas of the scalp. A successful treatment must directly fix the cause of muscular tension. With timely treatment, hair follicles, which still does not have died can again re enabled will be.

The hair may grow again. The differences between men and women women and men focused heavily, are under high physical as psychological tension and stress. Subsequently the tensions affect the hair follicles can be observed in women, but usually much weaker. The affected areas are seldom bald but scan is usually only”. Men respond to a more muscular tension exogenous stimuli, tend to have a different stress management.

However, dramatically enhancing effect of approx. 15-pin receptacle higher male androgen levels is essential for the occurring in men so violently effects of the tension. Androgens are synthesized mainly in the Leydig intermediate cells of the testicle, small amounts of androgen in the ovary and adrenal cortex. The disassembly is effected mainly in the liver, also in the skin and prostate. The most important Androgen and the serum most highly concentrated, is the above mentioned testosterone. This androgen is for the development of the male individual of crucial importance. It is composed of testosterone reduction (5a reductase) active metabolite 5a dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is the biologically active form of testosterone at the cellular level and acts at the specific androgen receptors. In women, the effect before the menopause is based almost exclusively on the pure blood flow reduction effects of the voltage. Only a slight thinning of the hair is observed with her result at the top and at the vertex (sh. Ludwig-Schema). Part hair loss occurs but increased in women after menopause. Then the estrogen levels as an antagonist to the androgen levels dropped, binding proteins in the blood are reduced; the free Androgen levels are rising. The hair growth on the body can reinforce if necessary by the higher DHT levels. Hair loss occurs but increasingly on the head. Video voltage hair loss/alopecia Contentionalis: Summary with the here presented current research results is explained on the one hand the very frequent occurrence of hair loss a contracture of the skin in times of high stress and thus. On the other hand, the long-sought explanation for the typical progression of hair loss with onset around the forehead, Crown and tonsure provides the tension of the muscles of the scalp and the hair roots with blood and oxygen locally worse care. Find detailed information on the topic of stress hair loss and AC therapy against hair loss at the site of the AC therapy. A.Maurer/S.Lesser

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