The Market

Today when seeing a brother passing lying hunger or in the sides of a dirty sidewalk, fedendo the same odor that emanates of this ' ' nova' ' society, we become in them indifferent, we do not perceive that we are the culprits for being unconditionally submissos to this immoral system. We arrive at such point that nor subjects of our interest passes in them as if it was nothing, questions these as the warlike threat, where the wars for all part kill thousand, countries have the power to destroy the planet many times. The ambient question, where the greed of few is bringing damages for many millions of people, all this destruction this transforming the planet into an immense cyclone that this devastando lives human beings, and we are not there nor. Transformations in the familiar life the family is the institution that more lost with the current dominant economic system. Since that she initiates its productive transformation, compels adentrada in the market of work to all the members of this. (remembering to century 18, where until the children 16 hours per day worked) Taking in consideration the idea of the estruturalista-funcionalista school that places the family as, father supplier of the material sustenance, and the responsible mother for the education of the children and mantedora of the affectivity of the home. That is, the necessity to work to get one better life condition, makes with that the bows that long ago the family joined fraternalmente, independent of its new structure, if had undone total. An image to demonstrate this situation can be: the father who leaves morning to search the sustenance of its, already has as company its wife in the daily fight. The children are the responsibility of third that probably he will not correspond to the expectations in relation to the education, maternal affectivity, cares and affection, important tools for the good moral and psychological development of all person.

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