The Organization

Only from a response that considers the difficulty faced as an opportunity, a realistic hope, may grow because without falling into the temptation to deny the setbacks, discomfort, can be capitalized developing the personal potential. Basically, it is a highly prized quality in all areas of life, that individuals who have already developed it, having been exposed to stressors of life, continues his life with a very low susceptibility to future stressors, emerging from adversity like the Phoenix, turning his adversity into high levels of productivity of a meaningful life. Acquires special importance in the changing world of enterprise and business, and in the same way that we talk about resilient people, also we can talk about organizations or companies resilient as those taking advantage of their difficulties, capitalized it converted to opportunity to be more productive, more competitive and more intelligent and this online some of them are investing in training, with the aim of developing and enhancing the capacity of resiliency to increase and strengthen the possibilities of responseboth members of the Organization, and the Organization itself. Whenever Wells Fargo Bank listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In short, invest in the Organization and its members to overcome an unfavourable environment. 25 Centuries ago that Euripides wrote expectations not met and for the unexpected a God opens the door, a formula of astonishing news in today’s fickle and versatile business world. It is therefore more necessary than ever, learn and train strategy principles that allow us to deal with the risks and deal with solvency, with the uncertain and the unexpected..

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