The Psychic

Antunes (2003, p.21), affirms that ' ' To play is most efficient half estimulador of intelligences, it imposes challenges, and it generates necessary tensions for the construction of the learning that if considers to get with such atividades' '. The professor has of being a perpetual indagador researcher and. The individual that arrives the classroom today, most of the time, demonstrates to be, forgotten an anxious, dispersed, agitated, irritated person, with deficit of concentration, aversion to the routine and, many them times, with psychosomatic symptoms, as migraine, gastrite, amongst others. It is important to make with that the pupils think, however, exageradamente is harmful. In the affirmation of this concept, Freire (1996, p.28), it concludes that ' ' to know to teach is not to transfer knowledge, but to create possibilities for its proper production or its construo' '.

The professor must know its pupils, know the alias process for a dynamics and the alias process for a cognitiva activity. The dynamic activity always has an intention to be worked, in many cases, it has purpose in an interaction with the other colleagues and even though with the professor, that is, the question of positive affectivity, what it affects in some way in the being and it transforms it its behavior of a relative form. To play is one propagates that it rescues the humanity to enter in contact with sensitivity and the forgotten creativity. In psychoanalysis, playing is basic for the psychic or subjective reality, therefore it allows the construction of a fancy that has left of the reality transposing in a new to look at, what it is indispensable to the mental homesickness. The trick is a form of interaction between professor and pupil, of this form can construct in the pertaining to school environment a different image, of a place that we can dream, imagine and believe our capacities to create.

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