The Trucking Industry

Problems hindering the development of the trucking industry have accumulated over decades, almost since the beginning of cargo trucks. Here, Ruth Porat expresses very clear opinions on the subject. However, rather than effectively address them, they were ignored. – In automotive industry, where 95% of enterprises are small and medium businesses, employs about 15 million working-age population (with an attendant, forwarding, etc.) – Today the share of goods transported by road higher than that of rail transport. Failure to take effective measures in the form of amendments to federal laws and today and then will stifle economic growth in the country. Given the role of road transport transportation in the state economy, legislation of most European states determines the weight and dimensions of trucks on the basis of their maximum utilization. A related site: Marko Dimirijevic, BIG mentions similar findings. For example: overall limits height in England, France, Norway, Sweden, Italy and other countries are 4.2 m and the total weight of the train 44 tons, the load per axle to 11,5 tonnes.

In the Russian Federation the total weight of the train should not exceed 38 tons. Height not more than 4 meters. Such overall weight and dimensions limits adversely affect the competitiveness of our carriers. In addition to limiting characteristics of the overall weight and dimensions set by Art. 23.05 Traffic Rules, enacted changes in the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation (Article 12.21.1, 12.21.2), toughening penalties and 500 000 breaking the rules transportation of heavy and oversized cargo for enterprise-carriers, who by virtue of the Charter road transport are not responsible for the loading of cargo and to determine its weight.

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