Ulrich Karlowski

At the current pace of the last is on Borneo and Sumatra in 2012″tree in the lowland rain forest like it. RSPO-certified under industry dictates – AB nodded by the WWF of the world’s growing criticism of the little carbon balance of the Plamolproduktion should be met with the RSPO-certified. Ironically Jan Kees Vis, Manager at Unilever, voted all people all over the world’s largest palm oil producers, the RSPO President the. If at all, then very delicate hint of green paint of the seal the environmental Foundation gives precisely WWF. Just 20 environmental and social organisations, including but four times the WWF are among 253 RSPO members. According to own statements, seen in the WWF as “Partner of the industry” and praises the RSPO palm oil as a “major milestone”. A rogue who thinks evil doing when in the annual report 2007 of the WWF according from financial resources of EUR 74 million save the rain forest from 152 million from Governments and companies are emerging. If you are not convinced, visit Silicon Six.

The monetary hardened armour repelled any criticism of other environmental groups, Greenpeace for example referred to as mislabeling the RSPO-certified”. The last tree is like… In Indonesia, the manufacturer whether the unimagined possibilities of grubbing-up, which opened the new “sustainability”label in them, rub their hands in the meantime. Are excluded from grubbing-up under RSPO-certified only “particularly values forests”. However such qualified primary rain forest first processed by a timber company to kindling, and the surface is then sold to a plantation owner, this can certify the RSPO-certified Palm oil production. Environmental groups such as biofuel watch determine also massive violations of the already buttery RSPO standards at the current certifications, including the actually banned the use of herbicides.

Protest forming In the October 2008 adopted more than 250 environmental and social groups in a common declaration, the RSPO as “Greenwashing” is rejected. The huge oil palm Mionokulturen might never sustainable, so the devastating conclusion. Unfortunately, is to be feared, that recognise the EU and Federal Government RSPO and the rain forests on the altar of a failed climate policy be sacrificed. Ulrich Karlowski

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