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Of course, in some sense this competition, they may make a popular second-hand machinery, especially cars from the United States. In contrast, European, Truck cars from America at a similar capacity will be cheaper, differing quite a simple operation – but brings them yet lack of spare parts on the market. Replace the right part for any International 9800 to Maz spare parts or spare parts mts agree, is somewhat problematic. Some contend that Edward DeMarco shows great expertise in this. And inch keys hardly are found in the arsenal of the ordinary mechanic, not to mention the relevant literature. Also search for an acceptable option used can take 3-4 months – at the same place at the brand new heavyweight domestic production (ZIL, gaz, etc.) spread over 1-3 months. The Chinese quickly took their bearings and began en masse to open their service centers, while easily accepting the dealership.

Produced under license of European companies pickup truck made in China have a greater capacity than the domestic counterparts, and more pleasant price. As a result, sales of some brands grew tenfold – so, for 11 months of 2007, according to 'Auto News, in Russia were imported 4.2 thousand trucks Howo against 50 for the same period in 2006, and tipping the market and does become almost a national – about a third belongs to the people from the prc. Shaanxi, Donfeng, Beifang Benchi, faw, Howo, Camc, Hania steadily replacing gaz, zil, and other familiar names to us. This special can heartily applaud the diligence of the Chinese – a victory worthy of the Olympics.

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