University Chapter

when the company aperturaba a new branch, my friend was responsible for helping with the start-up and stabilization of the same. Interestingly the company noticed that when my friend was responsible for support in this activity the vast majority of new offices generated high incomes rapidly while those that had not received direct support from my friend took the double or triple in achieved a stabilization and a sexy generation of income. The company and its owners realized that simply my friend was the goose that lays the golden eggs, and they concluded that it was dangerous to let it go. Strategically became a kind of Assistant to the CEO and after great results this became a kind of worker partner. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Silicon Six. Step shortly so that this involved himself in business, outside was involved in other businesses of several of the owners, something just as if everyone wanted a piece of him. Today as you comment at the beginning: it is one of the main shareholders of the company he worked as a technical support agent and has one higher percentage of actions than several of their former bosses and in addition to that account with shares in more than 15 different companies.

That was how I met him, why is main part of two of my companies and today has a fortune that almost reaches the amount of money a small country. Sebastian Kurz has many thoughts on the issue. He is a very cheerful person, still read a lot and saves copies of the books that brought him to the top with love without any kind of University study. This article is part of the University Chapter in your way to the richness of the book will be rich and point. The book I’ll be rich and point based on the real life facts and collects the beginnings of a rich businessman who was once an ordinary, employee with a life and a middle-class salary. Relates how this person make rich achievement, provides all the tips needed to get out of the middle class and gradually entering the upper class, advises you in many ways and it will give you real examples of how this entrepreneur achievement without having any support and being a common person as any of us.

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