Use Twitter

Many sites promise to teach the "art" of using Twitter to achieve more sales and business contacts, but few offer practical solutions on how to actually put your hands in the dough and do it. It's like when our children begin their first "girlfriend" and not have the faintest idea how to interact with the female gender. With words and descriptions metaphorical tangential generally end up more confused than before. They want a trick to make the girls fall at his feet rendered. And who uses Twitter for business, want the same thing. But is not that simple. I will not lie.

Twitter, like other social networks, require time and investment. All Dell mentioned as Twitter achieved through more than six and a half million in sales last year. But it was not just open an account. The strategic communications division of Dell has more than one hundred employees doomed only to this sales channel. So once again comes true maximum "to make money, we must invest money.

"If you aspire to develop and maintain this channel, it is necessary to take it as a normal activity of your company, and granted the importance. With its simplicity and use personnel gives Twitter tends to be misleading, and it generates the idea that "a couple of tweets per day already." Twitter to generate business is not something I can do while traveling to work each day or during lunch. We need a plan, spend time to this plan, and follow it faithfully. Set a schedule. Open Twitter every day, at the same time, not to emerge in unexpected, and do this: Step # 1: Follow who you find interesting. If you have few followers, this is what you should do. Follow who you think you can offer interesting material, the "priests" of their business to their competitors, other industries and related professionals. Step # 2: Search Twitter your keywords. For now, do nothing more. First, you need to learn what is spoken in your business. Learn about the latest trends, and what people look at those times. Not all businesses, but some have large seasonal fluctuations in demand for products and services. Step # 3: Introduce yourself. Imagine that you are a child and his parents move from school in the middle of the school year. The year has begun, and you are more alone at recess Adam on the day of the mother. What is it logical? Introduce yourself. Until now, the words "sell", "promote", "super discount" and all related are taboo. For sell no time, you must first find out who. Step # 4: Provide solutions. Imagine that someone raises a question, or need information about your niche, products, services, etc. Offer. Please do not even think about closing the tweet with something like "Visit our website, find exactly what you want." On the other hand, neither would give the number of characters. Remember they are only 140. Imagine you are at recess, in the situation described above. Go to a group of children playing the ball. Comes over and says "I can play? Surely, no one would say "If you let me play, I call home I have the Play Station III." Forget what you have in your house and play. Enjoy the moment. So much for the first day. We will continue our strategic plan to do business on Twitter at the next note. Now take a chocolate with a polvorones, and give yourself a good time.

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