Vibration Mill

The machine is a dual-Simplified parallel arrangement, the gear is similar to the MZ-type vibration mill. This mill is characterized by large amplitude in order to improve the vibration intensity (up to 19 g), the elastic system uses a special air spring. 4 spring design in the structure of Bu mutually inclined at an angle to ensure that the trajectory of the round machine. due to the vibration intensity, The vibrating mill grinding effects is good, the ore particle size is up to 25 mm. 1 X/80 MCZ type vibration mill main technical parameters. (3) pairs of Jane Parra (Palla) vibrating ball mill.

Figure 3.3 27 is the Palla type vibration mill structure to indicate that it has upper and lower set of two tubular Simplified Simplified l between two to four supporting board 2 is connected; support in the rack; in the middle of the bearing plate equipped with a spindle bearing, spindle Bu fixed eccentric weight, the engine through a universal coupling spindle drive. Palla-type vibration of the small size of the mill two eccentric weights, the large size of four eccentric weights, each eccentric weight of the composition of two, during which the mutual angle is adjustable to adjust the size of the eccentric force. Eccentric force tubular Simplified and bearing plate vibration rubber spring. Usually do not set in the simplified both ends of the feeding part and the part of the nesting, but based on operational need can be located in the Simplified Central.Palla-type vibration mill diameter and length up to 200-650 mm 1 300 y 4 300 mm, the maximum engine power of 200 kW. Made in Germany, is a vibration mill to use more and a broader model. Features: without screening superfine material, production is safe operation, we simply need to adjust the amplitude, vibration, diameter, grinding media, fill rate, and control of the feed to get the desired product size, and easy to adjust these parameters. But these diameter is easy to adjust, with the increase in the effective cross section, low-energy region accounts for a larger proportion.

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