Volkswagen California

The most avid fans of camping is the Germans. Not for nothing on the roads of Europe can see the huge columns of 'mobile homes', and also arranged for them protected camping sites where you can connect to my' house on Wheels' gas and electricity. The truth is our country this type of holiday and yes even the cost of the car, not everybody can afford, and who prefer and can afford to rest on another. All the same marketers Volkswagen decided and presented to the Russian market model Volkswagen California. This is sort of Volkswagen Multivan, but with minor differences – a higher roof, nameplates and box for folding tent located alongside. But the greatest difference between these cars all the same in the cabin. Salon Volkswagen California equipped with – two rear sofa convertible into a double bed 1.4 * 2 meters lengthwise side in a number of sink, refrigerator and stove, some cabinets and a safe. Volkswagen California is equipped with a diesel engine tdi 170 hp On good roads will help transmission 4Motion, although the jungle all the same it is better not to meddle. The price of the car can not afford everything and start from 1.9 million rubles..

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