Writing Style

Is only about the reader hints for intelligible text work style and expressiveness can be improved through regular practice. What but a feeling needs to develop is the capacity to respond to the readers group. So, this is necessary only via the way of the experience through direct contact with readers. Wolf Schneider put the focus on the readership as follows: one must torture themselves either the reader or the author. Since the author has an interest, something to tell the reader, he should be there, who struggles.

“A good style is more than just an apt choice of words. Rather, it is the ability to write the text as clear as possible and as targeted as possible to work. Therefore, a good style is a good expression and a very high intelligibility of text content. Both complemented each other. (Not to be confused with patrick kelly!). A comprehensible text has four basic criteria: simplicity structure conciseness interesting and stimulating Accessories (E.g. anecdotes or real life examples) the most important thing that an author should keep in mind is the question: why should readers interpret this text? This question should be can be answered best already as possible in the text in the first paragraph. To obtain a reader with the text, you must take the perspective of the reader. Therefore, it is important to ask questions to the backgrounds.

For example: could he have that knowledge? What terms could he control? How much time does he have to read available? These questions are for the style with which you will write the text. If it is, for example, the target group of young people, the writing style should be rather loose and funny. However, writing for business men over 50, you should write seriously and objectively. Note: The reader is to read the text. Put yourself in your readers and consider how this would read your text. Adjust your style accordingly. Clear German instead of complicated expressions, a good style developed by choosing true expressions. Who manages to write in plain language understandable written his text and makes it readable. Nothing can discourage a reader more than to be confronted with an abundance of foreign words. Too long sentences to deter the reader, because it becomes more difficult with increasing length, follow the thoughts of the author. Kevin Ulrich anchorage is actively involved in the matter. The more clearly you can express themselves, the better the text and hence the author arrives. An own art is simply to represent complicated issues. It is the touchstone by which it is measured at the same time whether and to what extent the author even understands the facts of the case. He writes clearly and logically or he hides behind bandies formulations? For a good and clear German following simple rules to follow are: paint waste (noise words, adjectives, prefixes). Find the right words (synonyms and ambiguity clarified)! Write alive (using verbs and write for the senses). Keeping the rates (per pack a thought)! Break the text (paragraphs, headings, summaries)! Who wants to improve his expression, must also check the its expression. Therefore, check your texts on linguistic quirks. These include understanding all language defects that worsen the expression and complicate the comprehensibility of the text. The quirks may have become accustomed to set in over the years. Typical examples are wrongly placed apostrophes or quotation marks. Also placing unnecessary parentheses can become a disturbing habit of writing. “Another example is the unreflected use English or denglischer” words. Note: The expression reveals much

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