10 Reasons Australia To Emigrate

Is Australia really what it promises? The dream of the emigration is too complicated for many Germans to actually implement it. Professional, family, friends, habits or even fear can stand this dream in the way. So many others dared this step however and I’m one of them. My name is Simon, 26 years old and I come from the beautiful South Baden, directly near the Swiss border. I love my heritage, and I am proud to be able to call me German.

But first foreign drinking Ghent stop (studies in the Netherlands) my showed me that it can be very rewarding to go abroad. My appreciation to Germany, the family and has even friends since I no longer live in my home and I really know how good I had it as a child. Very paradoxical but quite obvious. I live in Australia now for almost 2 years, so it’s time to draw a conclusion. Worth the step after Australia to emigrate or is it better to stay in Germany? Probably, there is no right or wrong answer because it depends on the person and situation, however I thought I give you a list that includes why it can pay to emigrate to Australia and everyone can then decide 10 reasons for themselves whether these benefits are worth or not. So then let’s start. 1 Life style so often vaunted relaxed lifestyle in Australia is quite existent and in everyday life, you will feel the so-called “laid back” atmosphere, be it at work or on the road. What I like here is that it is a relatively healthy mix of hard work, punctuality and relaxed lifestyle. In my 5 months in Spain I have suffered as much more, because punctuality is not more or less existed and an electronics business 4 weeks needed to repair my coffee machine. This is definitely not the case in Australia.

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