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The company's approach DeSheli united advantages of these models and the rule cons. Representative works by applying an organizational chart of the ordinary, linear business. It has various departments responsible for a particular area of work. At the same time the system has a sales network principle. Let's take a closer look: The franchisee is […]

Stretch Marks

What are stretch marks? Cosmetologists, by the way, use more correct term 'stretch marks'. In fact, it's a scar. Medically speaking, this displacement of epithelial cells (the cells of the surface layers of skin) on connective tissue, ie scar. As well as from the scars completely get rid of stretch marks is almost impossible, alas. […]

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Three Steps for Clients

Step 1. Clearly define for yourself – What are the customer's problem solves your product (goods, equipment, project, service)? Step 2. Write to the report-presentation on their resolution. Make the report as if writing it for the prestigious Business edition. Like him you should get a lot of money! Give it a catchy name. Such […]

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