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Fagon Antibiotic

To carry through an adequate antibioticoterapia it must be considered some factors: beyond a simple antibiotic combination with the bacteria, she is necessary to manage the certain medicine in the certain dose, preventing the occurrence of multiresistant patgenos, that is related to the two important factors – the previous antibiotic use and the duration of […]

Manja Wagner

In addition to visualization techniques in 2D and 3D for the control are common methods of data processing and integrated central data storage with event processing. The target group of the webinars managers, decision-makers, IT managers, project managers and quality managers are facility management, business intelligence, as well as industry 4.0 in the environment. The […]

Seminar Description

Psychology for executives increasingly important today to cope under the various requirements of the executives, is and remains the central task of leadership. Leadership psychology increases the chances to cope with successful this task for themselves, for the employees and for the company as a conscious, deeper insight into the complex mind of a human. […]

DOM SET Live Communications

DOM SET combines team event and incentive with intercultural encounter before the background of the globalization grows in the company the importance of intercultural competence significantly. Yet companies often do not sufficiently exploit the potential of this trend-setting topic”, says Oliver malate. Together with specialized partners, the Creative Director of DOM SET designed tailor-made corporate […]


Experience of low-cost airlines are treated to live by yourself (to) the best service from the moment in which you purchase your plane ticket until the moment that concludes your trip and you’re back at home. A very important part of the experience of low-cost airlines, is on board service. In each flight we strive […]

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