Ambient Education

During the first semester of 2010, the pupils of the course of Licenciatura in Geography of the University of the State of Minas Gerais? UEMG had been together with the Practical teacher of of Education in the seminaries interdisciplinares. They had associated this disciplines it, the professors and you discipline them of Ambient Education and Urban Geography. The thematic seminaries had as objective basic the simulations of pedagogical activities for the formation of the pupils. The contents interdisciplinares make possible a relation between practical theory x of the education of Geography in the University, being worked of a form differentiated for the levels of basic education. According to Callai (2006), In the formation of a professor of Geography (as of remaining portion, of any another one) they have of being argued the theoretical beddings, the history of the formation of science, the possible forms of inquiry, the adequate instruments and the form to consider and to organize the information. It wants to say that it is of unequivocal importance that the professor knows in such a way of its science, as the beddings that had given origin to it, as well as of the pedagogical one, of what it means to learn, in felt to construct a proper knowledge. (CALLAI, 2006, P. 255). The importance to transform the acquired knowledge into the theoretical lessons you discipline of them above cited (Ambient Education and Urban Geography) in contents the lessons given during the practical seminary of simulation of pedagogical, as well as later, during the regencies in the supervised periods of training, makes with that the learning looks for to search more and if to prepare for the accomplishment of a work compromised to the process of education and learning of its pupils. That is, the activities beyond the character of simulation of lessons that promotes a familiarization of the learning with the pertaining to school activities, possess another bias, that is pautado in its qualification and devotion while future professor, formador of opinions.

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