Always Move Forward

I’m not against technological developments, no more missing. Much less, I am in their use and application to facilitate the work of living components, including humans, in this world and the unknown. But it strikes me as some of these advances are distorting some fundamental values in the basic structure of our society and I must confess that I fear that continues to affect the structural organization, because you can afflict social stability in a very strong . I shall refer only to one of these values: friendship. The Royal Spanish Academy defines friendship as personal affection, pure and disinterested, shared with another person who is born and is strengthened by the deal. Treatment as the action to treat and deal with what is defined as physically handle something and use it. This means that you have to interact in a natural way for emotions and feelings that nourish affection as the basis of the value of friendship, strengthened to take the body which is this value in its essence. This clarification to go to the point we proposed this reflection.

The internet is the most common technological advancement. Millions of people around the world use this network for different things. One of them, are the famous social networks of virtual communities, where the user can create “friendship” with other people around the world and share all kinds of information. Wow, this technology allows us to approach between human beings regardless of physical distance. Well-managed business that provides an opportunity to enrich a holistic manner, to ensure a better quality of life as we become better human beings. That is theoretically the ideology that anyone could understand these technology platforms.

More however, when you have the opportunity to participate in one of them will find that their use is to let out all the behaviors that we do not tolerate Physical Society. Photos and videos pornography, child abuse, exhibitionism, phonics and vulgar language, promotion of activities such as alcoholism and prostitution and many more things than in a high percentage of what any customer should be shared hopes for growth. But that’s not the worst, but never read the terms of service and end up agreeing to transfer all your data, as well as the right to market, companies that manage the site. You will not be made at any time rarely appear in advertising your photos, your videos, their lyrics, etc.. One thing has to live who gives you free stuff on appearances. The trouble is that people around the world tend to have more “virtual friends” that physical friends.

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