Choose Good Friends

This is a very lucrative business, which live in families, engaged in the sale of drugs. Selling drugs have built many houses, buildings, bought cars, ie have achieved prosperity at the expense of imbeciles, who caught in the vice, leaving almost all his money daily to commercialize drugs. Even before throwing all their money, dance, sing, shout of joy, they jump, then 3 hours, going out, his face gaunt, with a statement of scared, without a sun in his pocket, looking to sell their shoes he is wearing his coat, his watch, to follow a bit more with a cigarette, tobacco. More info: christie’s art auction. Poor wretches, they are the most unfortunate of all, for they are prisoners of addiction. Some have to sell their TV, your computer, pawned his gun, his identity card to continue using pbc. Monday to Friday go well dressed, hiding for the wife, mother, father, do not notice what they do in secret. Until one day, you’re stuck to the wife, mother, father, because they do not want to give or lend money to a bundle more. How can you see dear reader, these are the vicious circles that fall imbeciles and idiots of all ages, social condition, mostly males.

Now understand why thousands of homes are destroyed, live evil, suffering, although the heads of families earning well. Now understand why some people prefer “not to make friends with miserable, that only seek to push people to vices vicious circles like these that I describe above. They say it is better to walk alone than in bad company. Well I think that is so. I do not personally friends with teens, punks, bums, deadbeats’ corner, maintained, vicious, homosexuals or prostitutes. Garbage should be in the landfill. If we want progress, move forward, we must begin by learn to choose friends, not into the hands of the livers of 14-35 years. Saving is what everyone should do, eat well, have good clothes, being in decent places, elegant is what you should do.

Do not let others live at the expense of you, do not be stupid. Smile and be happy.

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