Drill for today is one of the most common household tools. Also drill a very widely used in building technologies and serve as an indispensable tool for professional builders, installers and builders of furniture. Modern drill can a lot: Drilling holes in almost all used materials in the home, and tighten the screws and unscrew the screws; polish with a variety of nozzles; stir the liquid developers and more. Today, manufacturers of power tools offer a variety of models of drills, and often raises the question, but what is the brand choose? The purpose of this article – to help you understand the different types of drills and give some practical advice on their choice. Types of drills depending on the technical execution, as well as the destination for fall drills the following types: ordinary drills, drill with a bang (percussion drills). Depending on the purpose of the drill is divided into: angular, a drill with a mixer function, a drill with a screwdriver function. Depending on the source power drills subdivided as follows: net drills, cordless screwdrivers. Each of the above-mentioned types of drills has its own characteristics.

Briefly discuss each of them. Conventional drills under this type of drill understood that used to drill holes through the rotational motions. Percussion Drills (Drills, drills) feature of this type is that in addition to the rotational motions of the drill by moving "back and forth." Such approach is necessary in order to ensure the drilling of high-strength materials such as brick or concrete.

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