Great Space

The agricultural exodus uncontrolled cause other problems aumentandosignificativamente population in the quarters of periphery of the great cities. As they are devoid quarters in hospitals and schools, the populations of these locaisacabam suffering with the attendance of these services. However, nestalgica exists urban spaces that are disputed, being distinguished the streets. A street normally is understood as a public space in which the right to go and to come plenamente carried through. However, the concept also is applied the spaces that seassemelhem it, as internal streets in condominiums of private or same access in corredoresinternos of commercial centers. Popularly a street is understood by presenanela of two or more sidewalk (or strolls, destined to the transit of pedestrians) and one or more stream beds of traffic of vehicles (normally automobiles). The street also costuma to be imagined as vazioconfigurado for the constructions the gifts in each one of its sides. Streets transversal dedimenses and that they support grandesquantidades of traffic, constitute the avenues, even so this heading officially vary in accordance with local legislation.

In the sociedadecontempornea where what it reigns it is the individualistic idea goes being for trsassuntos on the collective giving space capitalism to dictate regrasnas social relations to it, had to this, each time more the people abandons oespao agricultural in search of the attracted urban centers exactly for estecapitalismo that only aims at the consumerism, that dirty the environment. Without counting quecom the increase of the agricultural success the agricultural cities also finish being afetadoscom the reduction of the local population, of the tax collection, of the produoagrcola, leading the cities to be entered in crisis. Due to great influence of the capitalism, aspessoas is disputing the urban public spaces of disordered form. Aface of domain of the urban way is very including, involving since questespolticas, economic, social until the question of the public space of the city, that o pertaining space to the people, that is, is the meeting place, of free access, of social exchanges, the collective memory, the square, the calado, the street, deconvvio place and of conflict, generator of expression and cultural and commercial exchange.

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