Installation of Suspended Ceilings

So, you decided to install suspended ceilings, but it turns out that everything you know about the stretch ceilings – is that suspended ceilings are seam and seamless. Therefore, the main criterion when choosing a stretch ceiling will be his price and the price range for suspended ceilings is quite large, starting from 500 rubles per square meter. meter up to 2000 rubles for all of the same square meter. As you can see, the price range for suspended ceilings and large by choosing the cheapest ceiling we can not get exactly what they wanted. So what's the difference between stretch ceiling? Let's investigate. Suture ceilings are made of pvc film. Hence, their main advantage – they do not pass water, which can be very helpful in If flooded from above, which happens, unfortunately, is not so rare.

A drawback of such suspended ceilings – they are afraid of sharp objects and the actual stitches, which must still be visible. But that's cheap suspended ceilings may have more close drawbacks: Cheap suspended ceilings are made of a thin film of pvc and as a consequence of sag with time. Cheap suture ceilings, usually made of low-quality pvc and can be a source of unpleasant and sometimes not harmless odor. Cheap low-quality suspended ceiling can begin to change color (with plastic windows, we remember that low-quality yellow pvc Profile) Seamless Stretch ceilings are made of matter and have no connection joints. Matter differs as to the quality of the material and thickness. Most seamless ceiling without such advantages suture ceilings as water-holding capacity. But There are seamless, stretch ceilings, where the material is impregnated with a special solution, such a ceiling would hold water better than seamless.

Cheap suspended ceilings can also be a source of odor. Seamless suspended ceiling is made of very fine texture, will eventually sag. Now it became clear what the differences between suspended ceilings and now you can create a requirement that you present to the ceiling, but the choice the ceiling is still better to produce, together with an expert who will tell what the ceiling is necessary to you based on your requirements and features of the room. Good luck to you in choosing the ceiling.

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