Lack Of Sleep

Private life of chronic lack of sleep kills the earthquake – a very common phenomenon in our troubled times. Too much things to do to devote to sleep the required time. Hyundai has similar goals. It would seem that the first of such a pace of life should women suffer as a much more gentle and less ready to be hectic lifestyle. But scientists as a result of painstaking research have shown that lack of sleep significantly harm in the first place to men, and that daily restful sleep can improve potency in men at any age. A well-known and long-proven fact that a person must sleep at least 7.5 hours a day, but most business people 'steal' an hour and a half this time to spend it for work or other "more important" cases, which is also impossible to ignore. A team of scientists from the University of Sao Paulo, which is engaged in precisely the problems of sexual health, carried out survey, which was designed to determine the effect on sexual performance of men lack of sleep. After watching quite a long time for the men and their sexual activity, a way of life which did not give them adequate time for sleep, the researchers came to the following discouraging conclusions.

First of all, the earthquake inflicted tremendous harm to the quality of sexual life of men. Full erection getting them much more rare phenomenon, and the longer they lived in a state of lack of sleep, the less they showed himself to be masculine. It can be assumed that regular lack of sleep, which lasted more than a year, still make men out of 100% impotent. Second, men permanently nedosypali detected sexy sleepwalking – they were having sex in a dream, and when I wake up, do not remember nothing of what had happened at night. This is very dangerous because, without controlling their actions, sexual lunatic can make something that would never have allowed himself to a normal state. He may want to unconventional sex, it can be an unexpected aggression, and even harm someone. Scientists warn that the harmful effects of the body a regular lack of sleep, can not be ignored. If a man does not want his body began to malfunction and become impotent, it must fully relax at least a couple once a week.

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