National Education Project

September 5, 2005, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a number of national projects, including "National Education Project>>. Many have not heard about it on the radio or seen the news on tv. So get those also understand, that in general it is that gives us the project The current president, the theses of his rule, calls the four ">>. Putin also said: "The country is focused on the innovative path of development>> – is the main task project. I think that the words of ex – President and Medvedev's words are related, as an innovation (one of "And>>), which means>> introducing a new>> actual solution to the problems of modern education, as outlined in the national project. Many items have this project. Consider at least a few. Support for better teachers and better schools speaks for itself.

Of course, pedagogy can be better or worse, they may show themselves. So, for example, stalitraditsionnymi contests various activities to the Teachers' Day, which in any way – that encourage educators. A reward for classroom management! Not too little! After all, this increase is significant. Of course, all heard kakiezarabotnye board at our Teachers! And this project supports, encourages and promotes the work of those who taught us the mind intellect decade zashkolnoy desk. Modernization of the school course is also not bad.

After all, as a rule, bring innovation provincial schools. There bring projectors, laptops, set screen, hold the Internet. Oh, horror! These kids have never seen such a technique, but here eschestrashnoe word "modernization>>.

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