Northern Europeans

The caliz-grial was initially rejected by the Catholic Church, (because a dish used for communion), the same thing is dealing to his It turned out that they did not arrive, which should be equally objectionable. There is a phrase of the philosopher B. Pascal to the corrobararia: who makes the angel makes the fool. In short, to give the proper tone, it is best to bear good fruit in the world, and dance with that touch. The imagined medieval legends in the vast environment of the Catalan mountain Santa reminiscent of many scholars who, attracted by so many penalties to which infinite hands pointing to the sky, stopped his inner search to verify that they were able to fend for themselves in so lonely as rugged environment. Is true that panoramically either be extasia for its views. They were the idiscutibles protagonists of the current catalan sector medieval tales. They were the ideal reference for men of great virtues.

Such was the origin of the name of the hero by excellence PER-be-VAL (is-worth-by-if in the Catalan language). Not only the spiritual hero was reported North of Western Europe, but also many other heroes of the bad call Reconquista (since there were civil wars) in Iberian soil that ended the appearance of the army of Charlemagne. On his return to Northern Europeans knew the background legendary tissue environment to Montserrat, just being mystical cell that in Central Europe then still did not have, nor islet of salvation that was, in effect, the mountain South of the Pyrenees in the period that Muslims came to half of the current ground fances holiest had not so accurate. Other migrations of the mistico-legendario Fund northward troubadours inventors of love made it. His moralizing mission included to do honor to the always enslaved before ladies (symbolically hiding the Virgin Mary), and the cuts of love triumphed in all the previously bellicose West.

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